Match Results 2021


Class 1 – Horse Class-Jointer Plow-Open

1st – Samuel Bourgon (St-Isidore, ON)

Class 1A – Horse Class – Jointer Plow – Amateur

1st – William & Frederick Machabee (St-Albert, ON)

Class 1 B – Sulky Plow

Class 2 – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow-Open (Open Split Required)

Class 3 – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow-Amateur (Open Split Not Required)

Groups for Classes 2 &3 are: 

Group A:  15 years and under

1st – Alex Dowdall (Lanark, ON)

Group B: 16-20 years

Group C: 21 years and over

1st – Allen Hills (Ashton, ON)

2nd – Jean-Marc Dessaint (Sarsfield, ON)

3rd – Gordon Smith (Chesterville, ON)

Others who plowed today were: Matthew  Massey (Smith Falls, ON), Kate Maitland (Toledo, ON), Neil Smith (Chesterville, ON), Mark Dowdalll (Lanark, ON) Robert Maitland (Toledon, ON), Mark Carkner (Jasper, ON), Jeff Smith (Rockland, ON)

Class 4 – 3 Furrow Plow-Open (Open Split Required)

Class 5 – 3 Furrow Amateur Class (Open Split Not Required)

Class 6 – 4+ Furrow Amateur Class (Open Split Not Required)

Group A: 20 years and under

Group B: 21 years and over

Class 7 – Antique Tractor Class (Open Split Required) Trail Plows

Group A:   Prior to 1945

1st – Jean-Guy Thivierge (Hammond,ON)

2nd – André Joly (Hammond, ON)

Group B: 1946 to 1960

1st – Michel Calande (Alfred, ON)

2nd – Paul Bourbonnais (Sarsfield, ON)

3rd – Russell Jones (Lyndhurst, ON)

Others who plowed today were:  Luc Roy (St-Eugène, ON), Serge Roy (Vankleek-Hill, ON), Robert Latour (St-Albert, ON)

Group C: Plowmen under 15 years (Open Split Not Required)

Class 8 – Antique Mounted Plow

1st – Nicole Calande (Alfred, ON)

2nd – Denis Bourbonnais (Gatineau, QC)

Class 9 – Reversible Plows (Open ) 


Best plowed land using Horses- Samuel Bourgon

Best plowed land using a Conventional Plow – Allen Hills

Best plowed land using an Antique Plow – Michel Calande

Overall Best Plowed Land – Samuel Bourgon