Match Results 2018


Class 1 – Horse Class-Jointer Plow-Amateur

Class 1A-   Horse Class-Jointer Plow-Amateur

If competitor has previously won first or second in this class, they must move to class 1.

Class 1B- Sulky Plow

Class 2 – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow-Open (Open Split Required)

Class 2 – Group B (16 to 20 years) – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow – Open


1ST : Avery Dowdall

Class 2 – Group C (21 years and over) – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow – Open


1ST: Allen Hills

2ND: Ron Stinson

Class 3 – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow-Amateur (Open Split NOT Required)

Class 3 – Group C (21 years and over) – 2 Furrow Mounted Plow – Amateur


1st : Mark Dowdall

Class 4 – 3 Furrow Plow-Open (Open Split Required)

Class 5 – 3 Furrow Amateur Class (Open Split NOT Required)

Class 6 – 4+ Furrow Amateur Class (Open Split NOT Required)

Class 7 – Antique Tractor Class (Open Split Required)

Class 7 – Group A (Prior to 1945) Antique Tractor Class


1st: Jean-Guy Thivierge

2nd- Marven Dillon

3rd – Ian Payne

Class 7 – Group B (1946 to 1960) Antique Tractor Class


1st : Michel Calande

2nd: André Joly

3rd : Jean-Marc Dessaint

4th : Frank Joly

5th: Dean Morris

6th: Andrew Fytche

Class 8 – Antique Mounted Plow


1ST: Denis Bourbonnais




Sponsored by: Queen of the Furrow Committee and Larry Shouldice , in memory of Roland Shouldice

Winner: Avery Dowdall

Youngest Boy Plowing

Sponsored by: Colin Thompson Memorial Trophy by Muriel Brennan and Larry Shouldice, in memory of Roland Shouldice

Best Plowed Land 20 years and under

Sponsored by Past President

Winner : Avery Dowdall

Best Overall Plowperson

Sponsored by: Glen & Sharen Armstrong

Winner: Allen Hills

Best Open Split

Winners: Ron Stinson & Mark Dowdall

Best Crown

Winner: Allen Hills

Best Finish

Winner: Allen Hills

Best Plowing as a team using same tractor and plow (one plowman under 20)

Winners: Avery Dowdall & Mark Dowdall

Highest Scored Land

Sponsored by Jennifer Waldroff and Jason Hyland, in memory of Lloyd and Elsie Hyland

Winner: Allen Hills

Highest Score Antique Plowing

Sponsored by Ruth Moffatt, in memory of Harold Moffatt

Winner: Jean- Guy Thivierge

Oldest Plow Person

Sponsored by Gib & Elsie Patterson

Winner: Jean-Guy Thivierge

Oldest Plow Tractor

Sponsored by The Alexander Family

Winner: Marven Dillon

Plowman who drove the furthest

Sponsored by Doug Sturgess

Winner: Mark Dowdall